Fire Damage

Fire damage to your property is by far the hardest loss a property owner will ever face. It is sudden it is life threatening and it destroys everything in its path. At AZ Restoration we know how stressful this can be and emphasize not only dealing with your property but also with the people affected by it. We have programs in place to get you into temporary housing immediately following a loss, prioritize securing your property and personal belonging first.

More often then not, a fire loss involves a high risk for secondary damages from water and loss of utilities. Our initial efforts are to preserve the unaffected portions of the structure and personal property.

AZ Contracting

Since AZ Restoration is part of AZ Contracting our construction crews can help secure and support any portions of the building that may be damaged while our restoration crews begin cleanup and decontamination.

An AZ Restoration representative is available to you 24hrs a day for all your needs our staff is well versed in all aspects of fire losses both property and personal.