Hurricane season preparations

We all hear the same thing every year when hurricane season begins; be prepared. If you lived in an area effected by a hurricane you already know to get some basic supplies ready such as food, water and fuel. These preparations are important to provide security to your family and friends (and animals), but what can you do to protect your home?

Here are some tips some you know others you may be surprised to know.

1. Opening protection such as shutters needs to go up and get secured. Get most of it up early so you are not trying to put shutters up when the wind starts blowing.

2. Make room in your garage for your cars move the junk out of the way and get your cars inside.

3. Take pictures every year prior to hurricane season of every corner of your home, it is sometimes easier to just walk around with a video camera. Show floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, windows & doors, contents in & out. if at all possible get someone on your roof to photograph it!

4. When the storm is at your door shut your main water valve off, should any water line get damaged from uplifted trees or other damages it will prevent additional flooding, you can live without running water for a few hours while the storm passes.

5. Shut main gas lines off

6. unplug as many electrical appliances surges from blown power lines and lightning strikes are very common.

7. fine your insurance policy make sure its up to date and place it in water proof case or even ziplock bag.

Have additional tips post it or email to us !

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