Are plumbing repairs ever covered by homeowners insurance?

Repair PlumbingYour homeowners policy protects your home from unexpected damages but not unexpected repairs. Your policy, for the most part, covers your for “sudden or accidental damage” to your property and expenses related to those events.

So when are plumbing repairs covered? plumbing repair will always be covered if it is not the cause of the damage, in other words if it was damaged as a result of a covered loss such as fire or sink hole or maybe a hurricane. In those cases the plumbing of the covered property is damaged by the peril and later may have caused secondary damages by leaking.

If the peril is the plumbing system such as a pipe leaks or overflow, the repairs to the plumbing are not covered, however the cost to access the repair and restore the property to pre loss condition is covered. If you have a repairman come to preform repairs, have him separate out the cost to get to the pipe vs the cost to repair the pipe. the only portion of the repair that is excluded from coverage is the repair to the broken or leaky pipe when it is fully exposed and accessible.

There are exceptions and many carriers will agree to pay for plumbing repair costs if they are associated with minimizing other repair costs. Take a water line leak under a marble floor, if the pipe had to be repaired in place the floor would have to be removed (floor is covered) at a much higher cost then installing a new replacement line bypassing the damaged one. If you think that may be the case contact the carrier and discuss it with them prior to conducting the repair.

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