September, 2012

Roof leak gone bad

A roof leak that may be neglected can turn into a disaster if not taken care of in timely manner. Seasonal residents and frequent travelers should take steps to have their properties monitored on regular basis, turning the water off in the house may not be enough to prevent water leaks. Unforeseen water intrusion can come from […]

Sand around baseboards

When you see sand or dirt show up around baseboards on your floor and the walls are exterior walls you may have a moisture problem. Particularly in wood frame houses but even cement block houses you may have water or moisture penetrating between the bottom of your wall and your slab. Ants will seek moisture and cavities to […]

Depreciation on insurance payments

In Florida most insurance policies are an the basis of replacement cost not cash value, some homeowners faced with higher premiums have elected to change some or all coverage to cash value (check with your agent). When your property is damaged under replacement  (RCV) you will receive the cost of a replacement item regardless of […]

Roof repairs and insurance policies

As a general rule your homeowners policy provides coverage for “sudden and accidental” damage to your property with the exception of a list of exclusions listed in your policy. When it comes to roof leaks the damages caused by the roof leak is covered but the roof repair is not. The roof leak is the cause […]