July, 2012

Water damage from storms

Most water damage from hurricanes is actually secondary to the wind damage but can be much more devastating. Once the wind creates an opening in your home the water starts coming in and can spread quickly extending the damage to other areas. Added circumstances such as loss of utilities can prevent proper cleanup leading to extensive mold damage and other […]

Hurricane season preparations

We all hear the same thing every year when hurricane season begins; be prepared. If you lived in an area effected by a hurricane you already know to get some basic supplies ready such as food, water and fuel. These preparations are important to provide security to your family and friends (and animals), but what […]

Post 2004-5 home purchasers beware!

If you have purchased your home after the most recent hurricane seasons dating to 2004 & 2005 you may be up for a surprise if we get hit with another major storm damage. Your insurance company may know more about your home then you do and may use that information to reduce or even deny damage […]