May, 2012

How to comply with policy conditions to ensure coverage for a loss.

No matter what the damage is there are very specific conditions in your policy that may trigger a coverage question and give insurance companies a way out of paying for your damages. So here are the basic steps you must take to prevent denial on technicalities. Before you clean up before you do a single […]

How to ensure coverage for your water damage

We all hear horror stories of how insurance companies had found a way to deny a claim using  policy language and unfamiliar language, so what is the best way to avoid a denial letter? The most important part is getting to know your policy! ask you agent for a copy of the policy (called a “policy […]

Wind vs Impact Resistance

We often confuse wind resistance with impact resistance and what impact it may have on our homes during a hurricane. The big distinction is wind vs debris. Wind resistance is the building components ability to withstand the pressure of wind blowing against it without being compromised. The pressure is measured similarly to the tire pressure […]

Opening protection and wind mitigation discounts

Opening protection for your home is one of the major features that will add or reduce your premium discounts. It is important to understand that under the new stricter interpretation of wind mitigation discounts, a home is judged by the the opening with the least amount of protection. In other words if you have replaced all your […]

Dealing with roof leaks

It is not unusual to encounter roof leaks as you transition from the dry season to the wet one. Roofing materials tend to dry up, shrink and crack during the dry season and as those first rains hit the roof you may find some water penetrations. Components such as skylights contain rubber gaskets and caulk seals […]