April, 2012

Carpet drying

Probably the easiest material to dry in your home is carpeting and pad. While it may seem that carpet is destroyed when soaked, that is not usually the case. Using proper water extraction and drying techniques is key to a successful carpet drying. Carpet is easy to dry for two reasons, first it is accessible, it is not hidden behind […]

How to get rid of water stains on drywall

Often after the drying is complete and carpets have been cleaned we end up with yellow stains left behind by water on the effected areas of the drywall. Not every section of drywall that was wet stains, it is usually a product of what is behind it or where its located. Things like residue from insulation or […]

Insurance company initiated wind mitigation re-inspections

When the wind mitigation discount program was launched by the state of Florida the requirement for the inspection fell on the property owner and the responsibility for its accuracy on the inspector himself. Insurance carriers had no say in its accuracy and were required to apply premium discounts based on the report alone. In 2010 The State allowed insurance companies, at […]

New roof discounts defined

Roofs that get replaced are replaced in compliance with the building codes in effect at the time the permit was filed with the local building official. As building code is evolving along with product technology the roof systems are becomeing more and more resistant to wind, the more wind resistant you are the more discounts […]

Wind mitigation differences between carriers

The wind mitigation inspection form is a standard state issued form and the selection criteria for each feature is built into the form, so why is there a variation between carriers? The answer is simple, its all about the level of supporting documentation requirements and interpretation of the form. Here are some examples Hip roof is simply […]

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

If you have shopped for insurance recently for your property you have probably been asked to supply a wind mitigation report or inspection. The wind mitigation inspection was was adopted by the State of Florida to allow a standard method to determine insurance rate variations for the wind coverage portion of the policy based on the […]

Water damage containment

When you walk in the door after a long day at work the last thing you expect to see is a puddle of water on the floor! As you follow the water trying to see where it comes from you hope it was the cat or the dog have spilled their water bowl. To your […]

Save money on your water bill!

Even if you are not big on environmental issues, we have all seen our water bills increase over the past few years, and many municipalities have even gone to tiered billing by which the more water you consume, the higher your rates are. I’d like to share with you some important info that can help […]

The House passed a bill allowing surplus lines carriers to take over insurance policies from Citizens Property Insurance Corp. What does that mean?

The property insurance market in Florida presents a challenge for everyone involved from consumers to agent and lawmakers alike. As property insurance has become harder and harder to purchase over the past few years, property owners are forced to turn to Citizens to insure their properties. The lack of options in the market has increased […]

Are all restoration contractors created equal?

Over the years, we have learned to categorize restoration contractors into 3 groups: preferred vendors, billing centered and customer centered. Here is how we like to define them: Preferred Vendors – Are restoration contractors that work primarily for insurance carriers. They get a large percentage of their business directly from the insurance company. They typically […]

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