Policy limits and other related coverages

Your home owners policy premiums are determined by the primary coverage such as the dwelling (structure) and contents. There are many other coverage items in your policy that are tied into those values that may be just as important or even more important. Some of those coverage items may be increased independently others cannot. Here are some key ones […]

How to value your homeowners policy for condo units

For the most part when it comes to the valuation of insurance policies on condos the insurance companies allow owners to state their own value. Over insuring can be a big waste of money and under insuring can be devastating when your home is damaged. The biggest mistake homeowners make when valuing their condo units […]

Replacement cost (RCV) vs Actual cash value (ACV)

The difference between replacement cost and cash value coverage on your policy is very simple, replacement cost means you will receive an amount equal to what it would cost to replace a lost or damaged item vs cash value which means you will receive the value of the lost item at the time it was […]

Drying hardwood floor

Drying hardwood floors is the most challenging of all materials. The factors that go into the ability and the effectiveness of any attempt to dry hardwood floors are numerous. For one, the specie of the wood plays an important role as different species will react differently to water and to the drying process. Wood has a […]

how to maintain AC condensation lines

water damage as a result of leaks from air condition condensation lines is probably the most common type of water damage. Condensation line leaks can be very damaging as they usually go unnoticed for a while mostly because they are inside walls and located in low traffic areas. The high humidity and dark space around those […]

Roof leak gone bad

A roof leak that may be neglected can turn into a disaster if not taken care of in timely manner. Seasonal residents and frequent travelers should take steps to have their properties monitored on regular basis, turning the water off in the house may not be enough to prevent water leaks. Unforeseen water intrusion can come from […]

Sand around baseboards

When you see sand or dirt show up around baseboards on your floor and the walls are exterior walls you may have a moisture problem. Particularly in wood frame houses but even cement block houses you may have water or moisture penetrating between the bottom of your wall and your slab. Ants will seek moisture and cavities to […]

Depreciation on insurance payments

In Florida most insurance policies are an the basis of replacement cost not cash value, some homeowners faced with higher premiums have elected to change some or all coverage to cash value (check with your agent). When your property is damaged under replacement  (RCV) you will receive the cost of a replacement item regardless of […]

Roof repairs and insurance policies

As a general rule your homeowners policy provides coverage for “sudden and accidental” damage to your property with the exception of a list of exclusions listed in your policy. When it comes to roof leaks the damages caused by the roof leak is covered but the roof repair is not. The roof leak is the cause […]

Tropical storm Issac

Tropical storm Issac could make landfall in South Florida in few days as a category 1 hurricane. While it will probably not be a Katrina we are reminded to be prepared. As you are digging up your shutters from under the piles of junk in the garage and stockpiling supplies dont forget to protect yourself in case you […]

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